About Royal Shisha

Royal Shisha is located at 118 Stratarchou Papagou Ave. in the area of ​​Zografou, since 2013.
Throughout these years, you are enjoying with us many tasteful snacks and drinks from the depths of the East as  well as unique shisha flavors, prepared by our specialized staff.
Everyday we welcome you at our fantastic place with wooden decoration, from 10.00 am until late at night. During summer, you can also taste all of our flavors, in our backyard beautifully decorated with plants and traditional  sofas.
Royal Shisha is a perfect place to watch your favourite football and basketball matches. You can enjoy your favorite team on three High Definition screens, along with the shisha you prefer.
The owners and staff of Royal Shisha have as priority to create a friendly atmosphere and embrace the experience of your visit.
We are waiting for you to join our company and enjoy the full range of our services and products.

Your preference our priority

At Royal Shisha you will find exactly the taste that suits your preference.
We have a wide range of flavors such as apple, mint, lemon, orange, peach, chocolate and many others. You can also try combining these flavors as our staff is always prepared to suggest you the best choice.
In Royal Shisha we provide you also with different types of shishas such as plain, bio, royal, natural, royal glass, royal ice and royal elite.
During your visit at Royal Shisha you will smoke what suits your preference.

Coffee & Refresments

At Royal Shisha we combine hookah with some of our beverages such as coffees from the unique blend of Taresso, soft drinks and various flavors of traditional Arabic tea.

Quality Snacks

At Royal Shisha you can enjoy traditional Arabic and other tastes from the menu made from the freshest ingredients.


For those who do not like just the simple beverages, at Royal Shisha can also enjoy alcoholic beverages, beers and the homemade recipes of wine with honey and racemel.

Great Variety of Shisha

At Royal Shisha you will find exactly the taste that suits your prefernce. We have a wide range of flavors, combinations of these, as well as different types of shishas.